THE BLACK FEVER is a post-punk band based in Toronto and Montreal, comprised of Shoe (vocals, guitar), Pat Bramm (bass, back-up vocals), and Dan Purpura (drums).

On February 23 2024, the band will release its latest single, You Should Know By Now.  The single was recorded and mixed by Jon Hawkes, and mastered by Noah Mintz.

Of the single, the band says:

Sometimes, it’s easier to write a song about someone you care about, rather than express those words directly.  Here’s hoping they get to hear this song on the radio, and realize that it’s about them.  Unrequited love set to music.”

To date, the band has released three self-released albums: Midnight Century (2015), Romanticism (2010) and Revisionist (2012), a three song EP, A Little Help (2014), and a five song EP, Unarticulated Wants (2019).  The band’s most recent single was All To Myself (Aug. 2022).