THE BLACK FEVER is a post-punk band based in Toronto, comprised of Shoe (vocals, guitar), Pat Bramm (bass, back-up vocals), and Dan Purpura (drums). The band’s music mixes guitar-based post-punk influences with lead bass lines and propulsive drums, while reflecting the band’s focus on melody and concise songwriting.

On January 29th, 2021, the band will release its latest single, Pass On.  The single was self-recorded by the band and mastered by Joao Carvalho.  This is the band’s first single of 2021, with more material to follow.

Of the single, the band says:

“It’s strange to watch a once vital person wither away before your eyes, like the scenes from a car crash slowed down for dramatic effect. While written prior to COVID-19, many of the issues exposed during the pandemic, such as an often-indifferent long-term care system, also inspired our new single.  Ultimately though, this is sad paean for someone lost to a terminal illness, an unfortunate end to a tragic life.”

To date, the band has released three self-released albums: Midnight Century (2015), Romanticism (2010) and Revisionist (2012), a three song EP, A Little Help (2014), and a five song EP, Unarticulated Wants (2019).